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Global agents are welcome to join our team. Together, we will contribute to the efforts of environmental chemicals.

To the city (county) level agency cooperation

Cooperation conditions: first batch of goods, capital city of not less than 30 million, to level cities less than 150,000 yuan; county-level city of not less than 50,000 yuan.

Species to be agreed upon.

Cooperation process:

1, in the approved area have agent status, the product price to implement the national unity of CIF.

2, to obtain agent status must be in the signed contract, paid into the company's account to be effective.

         3, year-end sales of more than 500,000 yuan reward of 2% of the goods as year-end skid steer; more than 800,000 yuan reward of 3% of the goods as year-end skid steer; 100 million yuan reward 4% of the goods as the year-end Fan Award (effectiv

e results to exclude freight, according to Guangzhou delivery prices).


4, the product information required posters, policies and funding, and other advertising design and advertising language so by the Party Unity offers and configuration. Purchase the first year if the capital city of more than 2 million yuan, to county-level sales and marketing more than 1 million yuan, the Company granted 100,000 yuan advertising support or other forms of advertising sales support, for encouraging but not netting goods and payment.

5, according to market conditions, according to the circumstances to provide additional value-added services, specific modalities of cooperation shall be negotiated.

6, the company provide quality control reports and to ensure product quality in line with the enterprise implementation of the test.

7, product sales price of the company given the proposed price cap by the agents to decide, but can not be lower than the recommended price of the price shock the market and inter-regional FALSIFYING, to better develop products pre-market, our company did not specify the manufacturer Merchants The provincial regional agent delivery or investment is not considered FALSIFYING, when the company in this area is to carry out investment work, the agents with the manufacturer's policy and decisions. Any reason malicious stop market operations or damage to the brand, the company the right to cancel its franchise.