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Guangzhou yishun chemical co., LTD successfully expanded the Middle East market

作者:China Guangzhou Yi Shun Chemical Co., Ltd. 日期:2018/9/17 16:31:11 人气:

Guangzhou yishun chemical co., LTD successfully expanded the Middle East market

When the giant ship containing yishun chemical company's products stops at the port in the Persian gulf, it marks the successful penetration of yishun chemical products into the main consumer market in the Middle East, which is of great significance for the company to further expand its overseas market and expand its international influence.

Since this year, the company will expand the southeast Asian market as a new growth point to increase the volume of export trade. For this reason, on the one hand, through the information and information websites such as global wisdom, the company has a detailed understanding and collection of the market supply and demand in the Middle East, international trade and customer resources, etc., so as to prepare for the development of the Middle East market. Expedite communication and negotiation with target customers, timely provide product quotation, and determine cooperation mode. Through unremitting efforts, the first sale of the contract to Iran smoothly landing. At present, customers give high evaluation after using the company's products, and they are very satisfied with the reliability of the company's products and the timeliness of after-sales service. They express that they will step up the purchasing of Chinese yishun chemical products in the future.