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Environmental properties of metal cleaning agents

作者:China Guangzhou Yi Shun Chemical Co., Ltd. 日期:2018/9/18 16:34:58 人气:

Environmental properties of metal cleaning agents

The environmental protection characteristic of metal cleaner includes: suit to steel, iron, copper, aluminium kind, especially cast the workpiece such as aluminium to remove oil degrease, keep the original color of metal, at the same time also apply to the clean of floor tile. It does not damage any metal surface, has good water solubility, non-toxic, odorless, no irritation to the skin, is harmless to human and animal, does not pollute the environment, has strong oil removal and decontamination ability, low foam and wide application range. Q/YS 904 (yishun brand), a metal cleaning agent produced by yishun chemical industry in guangzhou, has the above advantages and is a very good environmental metal cleaning agent in the industry.

What is a metal cleaner?

In machining and maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment, automobile, etc., most of them use diesel oil, kerosene or gasoline as cleaning fluid to clean the parts. This is not only a waste of energy, but also potentially unsafe and, at the slightest risk, a fire. In recent years, a new metal cleaner has been widely used. It can replace diesel oil, kerosene and gasoline to clean the parts well. Moreover, it is cheap and safe to use. It can be washed for metal without rust spots, which is called a metal cleaner.

Metal cleaning agent is divided into: 

1. Acidic chemical cleaning agent; 

2. Alkaline chemical cleaning agent; 

3. Water-based cleaning agent; 

4. Semi-water-based cleaning agent; 

5. Solvent-type metal cleaner, etc. Each has its own unique advantages.

Which metal surface cleaning agents are mainly suitable for?

Metal cleaning agents are widely used for cleaning the surface of aluminum products (aluminum alloy, cast aluminum, pure aluminum), copper products (copper alloy, copper, brass, copper), stainless steel, steel, zinc, cadmium, nickel, iron, titanium and other metal materials, with targeted cleaning agents.

What's in the metal cleaner?

Water base and solvent, the general water base is composed of antirust agent, surfactant, osmotic agent. The solvent is composed of a variety of solvents, mainly controlling solubility and volatility.