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Chemical nickel plating brightener

Product Name:Chemical nickel plating brightener


Chemical nickel plating brightener

Chemical nickel plating brightener

I.Product no. : Q/YS.603 (yishun brand)

II. Scope of application:

This product is widely used in chemical nickel plating solution. The addition of this agent can significantly improve the brightness and bonding strength of the coating, meanwhile, it can greatly improve the stability of nickel plating solution, improve the service cycle of the plating solution, reduce production cost and improve the quality of the product.

III. Product features:

Contains no heavy metals and toxic substances.

Rapid plating will not be affected.

IV. Product indicators:

Pale blue clear liquid, odourless,

Ratio: > 1.0 3.PH: 0.5-1.0

V. product usage:

Add the brightener 1-2ml/kg to the base solution of electroless nickel plating, and it can be used after stirring evenly

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