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Gold extract liquid(AU restorative),Gold extraction

Product Name:Gold extract liquid(AU restorative),Gold extraction


Gold extract liquid(AU restorative),Gold extraction

Gold extract liquid(AU restorative),Gold extraction

I.Product name: gold extract liquid

II.Product code: Q/YS.168

III. Product performance:

 this product is dedicated to the reduction of various gold salts, which can be reduced and precipitated from various gold salts. The recovery rate is up to 99.8%, the reduction settlement is thorough, environmentally friendly and harmless, and the operation is simple.

IV. Operation method:

(1)The gold recovery solution was adjusted to a PH value of 11.0-12.0 by sodium hydroxide solution to make the gold recovery solution alkaline.

(2) per kilogram gold to join gold extraction liquid, 100-200 - ml, stir well, gold bearing fluid will precipitate in the gold composition, the formation of gold dust settling to the bottom of the container, the subsidence let stand for 1 to 2 hours, make the upper clear, fall off, leaving the container at the bottom of the powders, with pure water washing powders, settlement, so repeatedly, the powders after wash, get high purity gold.

(3) in the process of recovery of gold, can proper heating to 60 ° C to 80 ° C, raising gold recovery rate and recovery rate.

V. matters needing attention:

(1)adjust PH value to alkalinity, with sodium hydroxide adjustment;

(2) add gold extract, mixing evenly, can be heated to 60 ° C to 80 ° C;

(3)Full settlement and multiple washing

(4)If the concentration of gold liquid is high and the content of gold is large, the amount of extract 

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