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Metal coloring agent,Multicolored coloring Agent,Chemical Stain Solution

Product Name:Metal coloring agent,Multicolored coloring Agent,Chemical Stain Solution


Metal coloring agent,Multicolored coloring Agent,Chemical Stain Solution

Metal coloring agent,Multicolored coloring Agent,Chemical Stain Solution

First, the product code: Q / YS.1234 (Yi Shun brand)

Second, the product features and uses:

This product is suitable for a variety of metals (including iron, nickel plating, nickel-phosphorus coating, stainless steel, copper alloy, silver, etc.) on the surface of the five colors, can be shaped red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other colorful, colorful , Bright eye-catching, so that the metal surface full of three-dimensional color. According to their needs to make a variety of colorful patterns, the product environmental protection, non-toxic odorless, easy to operate, non-irritating.

Third, product indicators: 

specific gravity> 1.0, PH value: 4.5-5.5.

Appearance: light yellow transparent, odorless, no heavy metals.

Fourth, the use of methods:

(A) to be colored metal workpiece (iron, nickel, nickel phosphorus coating, stainless steel, copper alloy, silver layer) for pretreatment, including degreasing, rust, pickling activation, the workpiece surface clean and active.

(B)take the aluminum degreasing degreasing; and aluminum pretreatment agent Q / YS.608 A agent for processing, 10-15 seconds, washed with water.

(C), the metal with five colored water products 1 times, heated to 90-100 ° C, the workpiece to be treated immersed in the coloring agent, while the pre-treated aluminum pieces and metal parts contact plating pigmentation About 1-3 minutes after reaction, remove the workpiece, washed with water.

(D), drying metal parts, the surface presents a colorful color film.

Fifth, note:

① The product of different metals have different colors, the higher the brightness of the workpiece itself, the more colorful is more colorful.

② For lead-plated aluminum, the greater the surface area, the faster the lead plating speed, the darker the color. With the increase of aluminum surface area, the color of the plated metal workpiece changes gradually and gradually from red, orange, yellow, green blue, blue and purple, and ultimately lead to blackening of the workpiece (the final color ).

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